Advancing police reform
through the Justice in Policing Act


Karen Winters

Lost her newphew to police brutality.

Alicia Kirkman

Lost her son to police brutality.

Chantell Brooks

Lost her son to police brutality.

Alice Howell

Lost her grandson to police brutality.

Sharing the human truths of
mothers impacted by
unjustified police violence in America.


Their loved ones were killed by police. Their silence is understood. Ours is not.

Support the
Justice in Policing Act

Call on your senators to support common law enforcement policies that will save lives and prevent more mothers from having to say goodbye to their children, including:

  • Prohibit racial, religious, and discriminatory profiling
  • Mandate racial, religious, and discriminatory bias training
  • Ban chokeholds
  • End no-knock warrants Require de-escalation training
  • Mandate body and dash camera
  • Fund community investment and public safety innovation programs
  • Criminalize lynching at a federal level
  • Eliminate qualified immunity


About Truth, Hope & Justice

We created the Truth, Hope and Justice Initiative, a social justice movement designed to mobilize and support mothers from across the country who have lost loved ones to police violence. As part to this initiative, we develop and publish video and photographic content to amplify these mothers’ stories and human truths to advance social justice and equality in America. In 2018, we brought over 100 mothers to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. to influence new bi-partisan police reform legislation. Each day, we work to advance justice for our mothers and their families.